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Save girl child

  • Think a world without us SAVE GIRL child

    Welcome to the world of the girl child, promising yet gloomy, hopeful, yet in despair. The hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as the girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity, with a volley of summits, conferences and events held for the cause, with topmost world leaders at the helm.

    Yatra naryestu pujjyante, ramante tatra devata' (Divinity Blossoms where women are honored)
    - Ancient Indian scriptures

    Despite what the scriptures say, India has been home to some of the most barbaric acts against women, including dowry deaths, trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation alarmingly high cases of rape, molestation, female infanticide and foeticide.

    Child Sex Ratio is a sensitive indicator that shows the status of women in a country. The sex ratio among children was 927 : 1000 in India during 2001 census and is continuously declining. Female fetuses are selectively aborted after illegal pre-natal sex determination.

    The secondary status of women in our society, considering them a commodity is the root cause of these atrocities. The menace of dowry, fear of loss of face in local community and a desire to keep the wealth within the family are all leading to unsafe abortions and trafficking of children. The apathetic attitude of the administration and ineffective legislative implementation further adds to the woes of girl child in India

    Traditions and rituals outline the existence of the Indian girl child. Amidst uproars of gender equality and law enforcement, female infants are still found dumped in trash, by the dozens, while unborn fetuses continue to be sniffed in the womb. Wrought with discrimination and prejudiced by rituals, our society has dealt the girl child a rough hand, starting even before birth, till the dark of life.
    At, we show you the world from the eyes of a girl child, bright but unprivileged, twinkle in the eye, but remorse in the spirit; the Indian girl child, a picture of dismay.

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