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    It is very tough to put those cigarettes down and leave them there for good. There are numerous obstacles that get in the way and the intensity of temptation to continue smoking is enormous. It is a struggle from beginning to end. Cigarette smoking is a drug addiction because it contains addictive chemicals like nicotine.

    Definition of drug addiction : Any substance that makes you crave it when you start using it is an addictive agent, a person who succumbs to feeding the craving is an addict.

    Several smokers claim that they have an addictive personality and hence are stuck with being addicted.

     That’s rubbish because you have just given vent to an excuse which will get you to never look at quitting. If you think there is something like an addictive personality then look at it this way, can you get addicted before you take a substance?

     You obviously can’t. Any addictive substance would get you addicted no matter what personality you have. That is the property of an addictive agent.

    The reality is that you are addicted, and now making up excuses for your addiction certainly gets you nowhere.

    Some people quit easily

     Now that’s a myth, because there is no definite proof, but you can only judge for yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others, that’s plain irrational thinking.

    How do you know if you can’t quit just as easily if you keep thinking you are addictive personality? Your mind is playing games with you as usual, the only way to get around this unconscious pattern is to become conscious. Reason everything consciously.

     These are some hard facts you need to face
    Why do people have smoking addiction
    [Causes of drug addiction]

    Because of nicotine addiction nothing else

    Does smoking give me pleasure?

     No, the sense of pleasure is nothing but fulfillment of a craving generated by your previous cigarette. It’s a cycle. You are an addict and behave like one. Addicts don’t get pleasure, they are just trapped in their addiction.

     Why is the first cigarette in the morning so relaxing?

     You were sleeping for 10 hours without smoking and hence the withdrawal pangs in the morning. When you smoke you fulfill a pang generated by long abstinence and hence your feeling of pleasure. Cigarettes don’t generate pleasure but fulfill a lack inside generated through addiction.

    Abstinence increases pseudo pleasure

     By now it should be clear to you that abstinence for a long time gives more pleasure (pseudo pleasure) when you finally light up. Why does this happen?

    The answer is simple, when we abstain for a long time the nicotine levels in your bloodstream reduce completely and the first cigarette after a long abstinence generates the feeling of fulfillment of a lack and hence the feeling of pseudo pleasure.

    If cigarette gave any pleasure genuinely then you should feel the same level of exhilaration every time you smoke, even if it’s after every 5 minutes.

    All smokers know this to be true, cigarette gives more kick when taken after a period of abstinence. Just proves that the pleasure element is only a fulfillment of craving generated by your previous cigarette. Cigarettes in themselves do not have any content to give you pleasure.

    Remember your initial experiments with smoking? There was no pleasure to be had, you hated the taste and the sensation but you willed yourself to learn till you got hooked.

    The pleasure came after you got hooked and that’s the pleasure of an addict. Its the same pleasure experienced by a heroin addict when he injects a dose after long abstinence.

    Effects of drug addiction on behavior

    You are no special case, you are not an addictive personality but just another addict.

    Nicotine is highly addictive and gets you hooked after the first cigarette itself. The surge of nicotine in the blood ensures that from first cigarette onwards you will have to fulfill a new hunger inside you, the hunger for nicotine.

    It is of course easy to quit after the first few cigarettes than to quit a year down the line when you have established clear patterns of addiction in your life.

    It’s easy to quit heroin addiction after the first few doses, even after a month of addiction but after a few months it is extremely difficult to get over the addiction. Same is the case with nicotine. The only difference is that nicotine, luckily, has very mild withdrawal pangs, it is almost nothing. We are all aware of the kind of withdrawal pangs heroin addicts have.

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