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    Noble Foundation can provide you a great opportunity to reach out and make a real difference to the world! You will find the following:
    a challenging job that will stretch you and utilize your potential to the fullest, provided you can work under tough conditions and constraints. Noble Foundation is not the place for those seeking semi-retired existence

    a fantastic learning environment where you will learn more in 2-3 years than you would in 5-6 years in most other places.

    - a place that emphasizes "doing" over just "thinking". We love ideas and generate tons of them every day, but we value people who can execute, and don't have room for just "thinkers".

    Current Openings
    All openings listed below require very fluent spoken and written English& Hindi as well as regional language. If you are unable to figure out which position you are best suited for, please apply to the position that you believe you are most suited for. We will automatically route you to the most suitable position :-). Please do not send in multiple applications.

    All India positions are preferably full time . We expect people in senior positions like State President, General Secretory andother staff to work 45-50 hours a week. However, we are very open to exceptionally talented second career women who can work hard but need flexibility of timings and work-from-home options. Positions in all cities are field based.

    We are a tightly staffed organisation and will not be able to respond to every applicant. In case you are short listed, we will get in touch with you on our own. Do please apply via email only, quoting your cell#, to help us respond faster.

    Our positions offer, a simple but lively work environment, modest compensation, a lot of responsibility and most importantly, the ability to impact a million lives every year.

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